Mamas Gun

Moroccan Lounge Presents: Mamas Gun [Ages 21+ / Doors Open 6:30pm / $15 Advance, $18 Day of Show]

Sincere Engineer / Covey

Moroccan Lounge Presents

Sincere Engineer / Covey (Solo Acoustic Tour)

Ages 16+ / Doors Open 7:00pm

$16 Advance, $18 Day of Show

Playboy Manbaby

Moroccan Lounge Presents

Playboy Manbaby

w/ Radioactive Chicken Heads & Archer Oh

Ages 18+ / Doors Open 8:30pm

$15 Advance, $18 Day of Show


Moroccan Lounge Presents: Ouse with sadeyes [Ages 16+ / Doors Open 6:30pm / $15]

Swami John Reis

Moroccan Lounge Presents: Swami John Reis [Ages 21+ / Doors Open 7:30pm / $15 Advance, $18 Day of Show]

Sprain w/ St. Francis, DRAAG & Dayton Swim Club

Pretty But Wicked Presents:

Sprain w/ St. Francis (FKA Dearly Departure), DRAAG, Dayton Swim Club

Ages 21+ / Doors Open 8pm

$10 Advance, $12 Day of Show


Sprain is the experimental music project of Los Angeles based musicians Alexander Kent, April Gerloff, Sylvie Simmons, and Clint Dodoson. Despite humble beginnings as an ultra-quiet, minimal slowcore band, the band is presently known for their challenging vein of avant-punk which emphasizes harsh, dissonant, but stubbornly melodic instrumentals and demanding song lengths. The band has explored many avenues of musical abstraction, having undergone many lineup changes and reinventions, cementing spontaneity and variety into their shape shifting identity. As brutal as they are beautiful, Sprain has carved into the world of underground rock a particularly throbbing niche.

St. Francis

Inspired By The Moodier Fringes Of LA’s Nocturnal Underground As Well As The Dark Gothic Energy Of Certain Fatalist New Wave. Fronted And Produced By Daniel Chavez Crook.


Blissful Yet Devastating, Overwhelming Yet Gentle, Heavy Yet Soft

Dayton Swim Club

Broadcasting On The Lower Frequencies Of Late-Night Los Angeles, Dayton Swim Club Creates A Swirling, Lyrical Evocation Of Suburban American Discontent Through Their Immersive Performances, Recordings And Videos — A Midnight Drive Through The Landscape Of A World At Once Futuristic And Downtrodden. An Ensemble Consisting Of Nick Flessa, Mario Luna, Dominique Matelson, Jessica Perelman And Members Of St. Francis (Daniel Chavez Crook And Scarlett Perry), Dayton Swim Club Emerged In Late 2021 With A String Of Formidable Live Shows In Support Of Their Debut Release On Perpetual Doom.

Plasmic / Dagger Polyester / Babelord

Moroccan Lounge Presents:

Plasmic / Dagger Polyester / Babelord

Ages 21+ / Doors Open 7pm

$10 Advance, $12 Day of Show

Johan Lenox

Moroccan Lounge Presents: Johan Lenox with Brevin Kim, Tahj Keeton, and Johnny Vice [Ages 16+ / Doors Open 7:30pm / $15 Advance, $18 Day of Show]

Near Beer

Moroccan Lounge Presents: Near Beer with The Pretty Flowers [Ages 21+ / Late Show, Doors Open 9:30pm / $10 Advance, $15 Day of Show]

Dion Lunadon

Moroccan Lounge Presents: Dion Lunadon with Cheap Tissue [Ages 21+ / Doors Open 8:00pm / $12 Advance, $15 Day of Show]