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Katie Ferrera

Katie Ferrara is a full-time working musician and award winning singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. As a performing artist, her repertoire covers folk and pop music from the 60's to present and her songwriting can be best described as "honest and authentic music" with at times, an "ethereal flair". Katie began her career with humble roots, performing on weeknights and weekends for tips as a busker on the streets of Burbank, Santa Monica, and various farmers markets all over Los Angeles. Since then, she has made an international name for herself playing at street festivals all over Europe and New New Zealand through the Toyota Feeling the Street program. She competed in and won first place in an online music competition called “Musicash”. The contest concluded with her performing with her band at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. She has released several albums as an unsigned independent artist including “Dream Catcher” (2016) and “Break Free” (2020). Both albums were funded by the generous support of her fans off social media. Her music can also be found on the Season 5 premiere of the Hallmark TV show "Good Witch". As a QSC sponsored artist, Katie performs regularly at 5 star hotels, restaurants, and private parties around Los Angeles. She is also passionate about aligning her music with charities and causes such as Whole Planet Foundation, Children’s Foundation of America and Most recently Katie was flown to South Korea to participate in the 2022 GJ Busker World Cup where she won 5th place out of 100 performers and a generous cash prize. She has also released new music including her single "Wolf Cry" in November of 2022.

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